Sergiy Chyslov & Dasha Chyslova

studio owners

March 14, 2015


RE: Advisory on Sergiy Chyslov and Daria Chyslova’s Extraordinary Ability in the Arts

written by Hannah Cole - Director & assistant professor - NMSU Dancesport Program


The following report provides an advisory opinion on the extraordinary abilities and skills possessed by Mr. and Mrs.  Chyslov, based upon their prominence in the field of competitive ballroom dancing (DanceSport) and instruction which has earned them numerous industry accolades and a level of distinction substantially above that which is ordinarily encountered in the field. The Chyslov’s extraordinary achievements have been recognized in the ballroom field as demonstrated by their receipt of the Bronze medal at the 2010 Blackpool Dance Festival. This notable award placed Mr. and Mrs. Chyslov in the top 1% of the world in the Amateur Rising Star Latin division of ballroom dancing. Mr. and Mrs. Chyslov’s success at numerous other nationally and internationally recognized DanceSport competitions is further evidence of their extraordinary accomplishment.  Since relocating to the United States, Mr. and Mrs. Chyslov’s achievements have been recognized by the premier news magazine and source for information on ballroom dancing Dancebeat magazine on multiple occasions as well as in other media, and their success in instruction is demonstrated by exemplary rankings of their student competitors. It is my opinion that Mr. and Mrs. Chyslov have demonstrated extraordinary capability in the field of DanceSport.


Michael & Sandra Berman

  studio owners





Sergey Chyslov and Dasha Chyslova  Award Titles

*2005 World Championship 1st place Youth

2006 IDSA World Championship 4th place Youth

2006 IDU World Cup 4th place Adult

2007 IDSA World Open 2nd place Youth

2007 IDSA World Open 6th place Adult

2007 IDSA European Cup 2nd place Youth

2007 IDSA European Cup 3rd place Adult

2007 WDC Amateur World Cup 2nd place Adult

*2007 Dutch Open Rising Stars 3rd place Adult

2008 Ukrainian Championship 3rd place Adult

*2008 WDC Amateur League World Cup 1st Place Adult

2008 WDC Paris 2nd place Adult

*2009 Amateur Ukrainian Cup 1st place Adult

2009 Ukrainian Championship 2nd place Adult

2009 FTSU Ukrainian Championship 1st place Adult

2009 IDU World Open 2nd Place Adult

*2009 2 Richards London 2nd place Adult

2009 WDC European Championship 3rd place Adult

2010 IDSA World Cup 3rd place Adult

*2010 IDSA World Open 1st place Adult

*2010 Blackpool Rising Stars 3rd place Adult

2010 London Ball 4th place Adult

2011 Universal Championship 6th place Adult

2011 Ukrainian Championship 2nd place Adult

2011 EDSF European championship 2nd place Adult

*2011 IDSA World Cup 3rd place Adult

2011 WDC World Cup 3rd place Adult

2012 IDSA World Open 4th place Adult

2012 IDSA World Cup 1st place Adult

2012 WDC World Cup 1st place Adult

2013 IDSA World Championship 4th place Adult

2013 IDSA European Championship 2nd place Adult

2013 Ukrainian Championship 3rd place Adult

*2013 EDSF European Championship 1st place Adult

*2014 Ohio Star Ball Rising Star Pro 1st place Prof.

*2015 Millenium Championship Rising Stars 4th place Pro.

Dmytro Kosachov

Dymtro or Donny as his friends call him is a professional ballroom dancer from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

He has been dancing and winning professionally for 17 years and is very well known in his home town. He decided to further his dance adventure by moving to the United States 1 year ago. we are very lucky to have him as part of our CBD family.